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Planning a wedding is truly an investment. Not only does it take a lot of time to plan, but also a lot of money. But are you looking for the cheapest vendor? cater? DJ? Planner? You know how the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Now we're not the most expensive and we're not the cheapest, but we do have a ton of experience. But you know what else is really important? To make sure that your planner is a perfect match for you. Our personality may not be for everyone (we're bright bubbly, and a ton of fun) and that's okay. But we also know that not every client is the right fit for us as well. Budgets can restrict our plan and vision. So before reaching out- decide on what your maximum budget is for your dream wedding. Unsure of what a typical wedding costs? The U.S. Average is $29,000 (based on a variety of factors). Our clients spend  anywhere from $35,000-50,000 (based on a variety of factors).

We'll always be upfront and honest with you during your consultation- that's what has made our clients not only trust us in the beginning, but during the entire process. Our clients have been overjoyed with final execution of months and months of planning.

Sometimes its' not always possible to see the vision in the beginning, but by the time that day arrives. The reactions we receive are absolutely priceless and is why we keep doing this again and again. If you're ready to invest in your dream wedding- schedule your free consultation here.


Full Service Planning

Full service planning is for the couple who simply does not have the time to spend planning every single detail of their wedding.

Who needs a planner to guide them through the entire wedding planning process, focus on design and decor, assemble their team of service providers, provide advice and manage every detail of their wedding day. This service typically begins 

9-12 months + prior to your wedding day. 


Partial Service Planning

Partial Service Planning is for the couple who is well into their planning, but is stuck, struggling with acquiring a few remaining vendors, putting the final touches on their design and decor, or is just frustrated and needs a pro to take over to the final pieces of their vision together. This service typically begins 6 months + prior to your wedding day. Book a Consultation for more information.


Wedding Day Management

 With this service, couples have done all the work and need a wedding coordinator to well, coordinate all the details on the day of. This service typically begins 6-8 weeks from your wedding date. Book a Consultation for more information.

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