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So it's been at least a year since you've lost your loved one. Now what? What do you do to remember? How do you celebrate?

A celebration of life is an event that allows the surviving family and friends to say goodbye and give them closure so they can begin the healing process. It’s an end-of-life ceremony held to honor someone’s life rather than remember their death. 

Although it’s a celebration, it may still have traditional funeral elements, such as readings of a religious text or a formal
dress code. However, it might have neither of these things too. 

The celebration of life will vary significantly based on the wishes of your loved one or their personality and hobbies. This is because a celebration of life tends to have planned activities. For example, if your loved one was an avid basketball player, the celebration of life can include a fun basketball tournament to honor their favorite activity. 

I know from first hand experience that losing a loved one is extremely difficult. Let my team help you plan to bring in those unique personality characteristics and lifestyle of your fallen loved one in a day of celebration.

~ Dawn


Celebration of Life vs. Funeral

A funeral service is typically a somber and sorrowful occasion focusing on the fact that the loved one is no longer with us. The body tends to be present at a funeral. On the other hand, a celebration of life offers a different tone. There’s less focus on formalities and more focus on a life well-lived.

At a celebration of life, guests often tell lively stories about their loved one and enjoy a relaxed dress code. You may also choose to plan a themed event around something the deceased person loved. In essence, the idea of a celebration of life is to give loved ones time to cherish the character and beautiful quality of the person. 

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